Friday, June 11, 2010

Back to blogging

Well, it is sadly obvious that I have had a lot going on since March. My youngest graduated last weekend from high school and now I hope to begin posting again on a more regular basis. I have continued painting during this time but don't feel that I was putting myself in to the work.
It is important to feel connected to the painting or the viewer may not get a sense of the artist. The paintings that I am the most passionate about are the ones that seem to vibrate on the canvas.
I have been painting still life,plein aire and models from life. It is helpful in all aspects of painting. The only thing that I think helps more is drawing all the time. Sometimes I sculpt figures. This helps with understanding what goes on under the skin and helps with drawing and painting.
Recently, I was invited to paint a figure outside. it was a great time. I love to paint outside with all the challenges. There is such a sense of accomplishment in being able to withstand the bugs, the light changes and on this occasion, the heat. Add a model to this and the bar is raised higher. What a great day and great fun with some really fun and talented artists.