Monday, August 17, 2009

Tea Time

This painting came about slowly and is really nice in person.  The figure has an almost old fashion touch to the way I painted it. I think I must have had a muse from the past looking over my shoulder when I worked on it because it is how I wanted it but painted with me having no idea where the influence was coming from.  Does this make sense to anyone else?  It is my model obviously but somehow the overall feeling that I see tells a wistful tale. A longing perhaps.  Something in the tea leaves no doubt.
Hope you see something in it. Let me know if you do !

Monday, August 10, 2009

Antiques Roadshow

I am back after working on a couple of commissions and this larger painting.  I really am quite satisfied with the overall way it turned out.  I used a very rough linen canvas and I like the texture that it encouraged me to seek. Sometimes when you make a mistake and order loosely woven linen because you are unfamiliar with the company... it can be a good thing !
Hope you like it.  
I look forward to your thoughts!