Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sunset on the Ohio

Here is a painting I painted a few weeks ago.  It was a challenge because I found it difficult to get the correct values with it being just at sunset. I hope that I did justice to this beautiful scene.
Thank you for your thoughts.


Here is a 12 x 16 that just came together so easily.
I love these happy little clown flowers. I hope that you enjoy my interpretation of a bowl full of pansies.
I appreciate your thoughts !!

By the shore

I am back.  I am sorry that I haven't posted in a while.  We had a bout of swine flu that set me back and getting the kids back in school always creates time warps and you just don't get everything done.  I never stop painting.  Sometimes I can't get into the zone and don't paint very well but painting is like breathing to me.  I have to be doing something creative at all times. With that said, I will share some of what I have been doing that I didn't get around to posting.  This first painting is painted under the influence of John Singer Sargent.  I say this because I found a print of his beautifully framed at an antique shop.  This print inspired my composition. I will post both the master's painting and mine so that you can see what I saw and was inspired to attempt.